Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Post (well, for the time being at least...)

Yes, this will be the last post for the time being. Summer holidays are over, here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I am getting closer to the deadline of getting the manuscript of The Beret Book ready.
I'll have to economize on blogging, unfortunately.
Both the ISeaStripes and Neckers blogs will stay on-line though and I'll happily continue posting the odd interesting picture (and still available through this site, lots of Anarchist, New Zealand and South Pacific themed neckers!).
The Beret Project meanwhile, will be continued on a daily basis.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Camouflage Bandanas

When I had to do my military service, some 30 years ago when that was still compulsory, all uniforms were drab green and grey (and pretty uncomfortable too). 
Camouflage was a word unheard of in the Dutch military at that time (our field jackets had a Velcro closing! Can't get more noisy than that, really).
Suddenly, everything changed to 'camo'; for the (para-)military and the wannabes dressing up in army gear. The picture above is part of the standard German uniform and Army/Navy Stores are stocked to the brim with alternatives.